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Moth and Spark cover for the UK edition

(I really wanted to write “anarchy for the UK” in the title there.) And here’s the cover for the edition being published in the UK by Headline Publishing Company.


I found out last Friday that the UK rights have been acquired by Headline Publishing Group (a division of Hachette).  They will be publishing at the same time, though likely with a different cover, which is still in the works.  Here’s a link to their site.  It’s very exciting!


My friend Rachel Smith drew an amazing map to go with the book.  Here is the final version:

Galleys are here!

Or, as my son would say, proto-books.  Hard to get a good picture of them because of the high-gloss cover, but here are a few.  It’s very exciting!

Live Action Shots

Went out with the camera today to get some action pictures of M&S:

What’s it about, anyway?

Someone asked me this, and I was prepared to copy the catalog blurb when it became available as an answer, but when the catalog blurb did become available a few days later I realized how much actually got left out.   But, rather than a hokey summary, I am going to provide a non-comprehensive list …

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The cover

The cover.  Wow.


Publication Date:  February 20, 2014.  Also, there will be an audio book and I get to help choose the narrator.  I also created an author facebook page and will link to this blog.

American vs. British English

A win for the Anglophiles.  I get to keep “grey” instead of suffering “gray.”  I’ve spelled it that way since I was 9!  Everything else is properly American.


Got the draft layouts today.  With a little tweaking (I removed a border and re-sized the drawing a bit smaller), here is what I think the main title page is going to look like:

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