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Here are links to some of the guest posts I’ve done. I’m not including everything, because there’s a lot of cross-over and repetition between posts.

Cat Rambo’s blog “The World Remains Mysterious,” April 20, 2015: Writing “Strong Female Characters” in a Patriarchal Secondary World Fantasy

io9, December 30, 2014: “Why the Best Fantasy Stories Include Mundane Everyday Life” 

Special Needs in Strange Worlds, SF Signal, November 25, 2014: “The Dancers of Arun”

Upcoming4.me, November 17, 2014: “The Story Behind the Story”

SF Signal Mind Meld, September 3, 2014: “Publishing Lessons from Debut Authors”

Campaign for the American Reader, April 10, 2014: “The Page 69 Test”

Barnes and Noble Nook Blog, February 20, 2014: “Ordinary Women and Social Dragons”

Mythic Scribes Fantasy Writing, February 16, 2014: “Racial Diversity in Speculative Fiction”