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On stage (appearing, if not speaking):

Alina – a baron’s daughter
Alric – a soldier
Aram – the king
Arnet – a baron
Berk – the royal doctor
Bron – Corin’s captain
Bryden – Aram’s clerk
Cade – a courtier
Cina – a baron’s daughter, married to Efan
Coll – the Lord Marshal
Corin – the prince
Darrin – a count, courting Jenet
Efan – a merchant, Tam’s brother, Cina’s husband
Ellid – a duke
Elyn – a courtier
Ennoc –a dragonrider
Gerod – the commander of the palace guard
Guye – a duke
Hadon – the Emperor of Mycene
Hyrne – Tam’s father
Jenet – a courtier
Joce – a wizard-spy
Kelvan – a wizard-spy / dragonrider
Liko – a gentleman fallen on hard times
Lis (unnamed) – Tam’s mother
Mari – Corin’s older sister
Mattan – a duke
Rois – a wizard
Seana – a duchess
Sika – Aram’s dog
Simoun – Seana’s husband, a duke
Tai – Corin’s younger sister
Talia – the queen
Tam – a young woman
Teron – Corin’s clerk
Therry – a courtier

Off stage (just referenced)

Ader – Tai’s husband, Ellid’s nephew
Alcias – a Mycenean general
Brice – a courtier
Elwyn – a courtier
Kynos – Hadon’s older son
Larron – a courtier
Ricard – a courtier
Rine – a soldier
Stede – a baron
Theron – Hadon’s younger son
Tyrekh – king of Sarium, conqueror and invader
Ves – Mari’s husband, an Argondian duke

Various unnamed servants, courtiers, guards, etc.