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Chronology of historical events (T = M&S beginning)


-700:  first successful unification of the country under one king.  (“Treaty of Pell,” referenced in Chapter 3 when Tam goes to the library.)  Wizardry is at its peak as a political tool.

-500:  Mycene takes the dragons and absorbs Caithen into the Empire.  Wizard power begins to fade.

-300:  The Fires.  Persecution/Inquisitions of wizards and assorted other undesirables.

-225:  Last war with Argondy.

-200:  Last major civil unrest in Caithen.

-98:  Aram’s father born.

-94:  Rois born.

-79:  Wizard village established, first Basilisks.

-64:  Hadon born.

-54:  Aram born.

-40:  Hadon crowned.

-32: Aram crowned.  Kynos born.

-30:  Tam’s father goes to Sarium.  Aram & Talia married.  Theron born.

-29:  Tam’s parents married.

-28:  Efan born.

-27:  Mari born.

-25: Corin born.

-20: Tam born, Tai born.

-8:  Tam’s father goes to Sarium again.  Tam and Efan travel with him as far as eastern Illyria. Corin goes to university.

-6:  Tyrekh comes over Black Peaks and takes Na-ir.

-5:  Tyrekh takes Cylicia, moves into Liddea.  Corin finishes university and takes on full-time responsibilities.

-3:  Tyrekh finishes conquering Illyria and stops moving.  Efan and Cina get married.

-7 months:  Tai and Ader get married.