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“In a genre where it’s typical for hapless adolescents to stumble, dazzled and awkward, into great power and great responsibility, it’s refreshing to read a fantasy novel where the leads are a pair of mature, competent adults. With her protagonists, Tam and Corin, who fall in love amid impending war and resurgent magic, author Anne Leonard brings a sense of literary sophistication to her debut novel, “Moth and Spark.” . . .The merging of the so-called “literary” and “genre” categories of novels has proven to be fertile ground lately. It’s nice to see a standalone book that takes itself seriously but goes full-bore when it comes to invented worlds and mythical creatures.

Kansas City Star, January 16, 2015

“It’s Anne’s debut, and I have to say it is really impressive. The novel is something like a Russian nesting doll: it’s a Jane Austen novel inside a Princess Bride type fantasy romp inside a much darker Tolkien-esque story of politics, war, magic, and dragons. Anne is brilliant at creating the world of the novel—and she’s created everything . . . But it is really in the character of those heroes— the prince Corin and the commoner Tam—that the book is at its best. After I set Moth and Spark down, breathless from the pace of the thrilling conclusion, I had a long think about why I liked these two characters and their relationship so much. . . .  I think it’s that they are the sort of people that we all wish we could be. . . . Because we care so much for them, we care for everything else.”

–Charlie Lovett, author of The Bookman’s Tale. (See the full Goodreads write-up here.)

“This is a great novel for long winter nights when one just wants to curl up in a chair with a Happily Ever After. I was extremely pleased to get to the end and realize it really was The End and (seemingly, anyway) not the start of a series. This book had everything I want from a comfort read: Romance! Magic! Scary Villains! Imperial Politics! Court Intrigue! Shadowy Conspiracies! Dragons! It’s like a chocolate-covered Oreo for my reading soul.”

Billie Bloebaum, Powells, Portland

“With stunningly panoramic prose, Anne Leonard’s debut novel, MOTH AND SPARK is simply an unforgettable tour de force. Set in the land of Caithen, a country on the brink of invasion by a vicious people, this breathtakingly imaginative fantasy packs every punch — intrigue, war, sorcery and magic, dragons, and forbidden romance.”

The Booksmith, San Francisco

“My favorite read in the past year! Prince Corin, son of the king of Caithen, and Tam, daughter of a commoner physician and scholar, run into each other (literally) in the palace library. Their meeting begins this tale of court intrigue, political plotting, assassinations and spies, impending war, unhappy dragons, and intense love. An inviting, don’t-want-to-put-it-down story. I cannot wait for more fiction from Anne Leonard. Read this and join me.”

–Allen Murphey, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH



“Immensely readable, hard to put down… a debut that shows so much potential.”

Fantasy Review Barn


“I was very impressed with Moth and Spark…. The novel’s story of love and adventure struck the right chord…. I’ll definitely be watching this author in the future for more.”




Moth and Spark is a standalone, a rare gem, especially in the fantasy genre. A fantastic read all around.”

The Book Swarm



“[An] intriguing fresh fantasy debut.”




Moth and Spark… weaves an engaging tale that is both an amazing epic fantasy and a romance. It was a pleasure.”

Buzzy Mag



“Moth and Spark was a magnificent blend of traditional fantasy, adventure and romance. It just might be what many a fantasy fan has been aching for.”

My Shelf Confessions



“…A delightful romantic fantasy with Dragons, Kings, and Wizards…. I want more, plain and simple.”

Caffeinated Book Reviewer



“Moth and Spark [is] for anyone looking for a standalone fantasy romance.  It’s light but not too fluffy, and is perfectly suited for bouts of escapism and flights of fancy.”

—Books Without Any Pictures



“The writing… in Moth and Spark is amazing.”




“I really enjoyed reading Moth And Spark by Anne Leonard…. The writing is… pretty and classical. It’s an immersive reading experience.”

Good Books and Good Wine



“I couldn’t put it down…. Moth and Spark is a complex, romantic tale of two people fighting to save each other from their destiny.”

Manga Maniac Cafe



Anne Leonard’s Moth and Spark combines action, adventure, and romance flawlessly…. Readers will love the magic and secrets that are laced throughout…. From mysterious deaths to dragons, there is something here for everyone. Moth and Spark is beautifully written… Austen-esque and elegant.”

My Dear Biblophage


“…Astounding writing… a story that you can really sink into. This is one of those powerful debut novels that is unlike anything you’ve ever read before, while being exactly what you expect.”

Book Worm Blues



“This book was great in the world building… a slow burn/ insta romance….  I would love read more by this author.”

Table for Seven



“Anne Leonard had me at dragons. From just this aspect alone I knew I would like the book. It’s a fantasy, but it’s not heavy fantasy. So if you’re new to this genre, this would be a great starting point…I would love for the author to write more books in the realm of Caithen.”

2 Read or Not 2 Read


“Tam is such a powerful female character, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her from the beginning. Her love for Corin does not dampen her strength at any moment — she’s quite an individual, very unique and confident and a breath of fresh air to read.”

— Scribbles and Wanderlust



“Anne Leonard knows how to craft a paranormal fantasy that is never dull, intriguing with just the right amount of details, and cleverly plotted to impact on the reader’s interest.  You won’t be able to put this down; and if you’re a new or old fan of fantasy, this is definitely a MUST for your next read!  Highly recommended!”

Crystal Book Reviews



“This is Anne Leonard’s debut novel, but it doesn’t show… it’s a readable story with excellent details. I was immersed… from the very first few pages.”

Layers of Thought



“MOTH AND SPARK is an excellent novel and a heck of an addition to the fantasy genre.”

Matthew Scott Baker



“For those readers in the mood for a light, romantic fantasy, then Moth and Spark is a great pick.”

Beauty in Ruins



Moth and Spark… is an interesting read…. A well-crafted world and good writing makes this one a solid choice for fantasy readers.”

The Haunting of Orchid



Moth and Spark hits all the right notes with a wonderfully done romance and some adventure but nothing overly done or heavy. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will definitely be looking forward to what Anne Leonard has in the future.”

Fiction Fare



“Between the romance and the way the dragons were presented this book was like a nice breath of fresh air being blown into epic fantasy.”




“I loved the dragons. I loved the plot. I loved quite a few things about this one. The stakes escalate quickly once they are introduced…. Anne Leonard’s debut had me falling fast for it. I cannot wait to read more from this author to watch in the future.”

The Book Cellarx