What’s it about, anyway?

Someone asked me this, and I was prepared to copy the catalog blurb when it became available as an answer, but when the catalog blurb did become available a few days later I realized how much actually got left out.  

But, rather than a hokey summary, I am going to provide a non-comprehensive list of what’s in it and what’s not, because lists are always more fun.

What’s in:

  • enslaved dragons
  • true love (go on, say it in the Princess Bride voice, you know you want to)
  • pianos, tea parties, and etiquette
  • swordfights!
  • magic
  • sex (tastefully done)
  • murder and betrayal
  • the epic fantasy versions of Elizabeth and Darcy and some lines straight out of P&P
  • chemical warfare / advanced weapons technology
  • formal dancing
  • a library

What’s not in:

  • dwarves, elves, talking cats, trolls, or anything in the Monster Manual (unless you count the dragons)
  • portals or portcullises
  • hideous diseases
  • stupid women
  • children in danger 
  • drug abuse, midlife crises, or reckless driving
  • Mr. Collins (just couldn’t make it work…)
  • an escape through rat-infested sewers
  • acrimonious divorce
  • anyone I know

Perhaps I’ll expound upon some of these elements individually later on.