Quote of the week

“Is he witty?”


“And good looking?”

“Very,” she said, remembering the kisses.  She felt color rise to her cheeks and hoped it was not noticed.

“And rich?”


“Oh, he must have lands, does he have good lands?”

“Tremendous amounts, thousands of acres.”

Alina gave a little false excited clap and said, “Tell us who he is, do.”

“It’s a surprise.”


  1. Allen Murphey

    Just wanted to leave a note to say thank you for “Moth and Spark”. As I say in my Goodreads post, it’s my favorite book I’ve read this year. (That’s a rolling twelve month period, not the current calendar year.) I’m looking forward to its street date so I can begin hand-selling it to customers at the book store where I work.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the pacing and found the characters most appealing. Also nice was the protagonists meeting at the beginning of the book and spending the majority of the story working together, rather than taking the bulk of the story to connect.

    I wrote our publisher’s rep that I enjoyed the fact that the story was told in one book, not dragged out into a trilogy, when the story really didn’t support that much telling. But long before the end of the book I was dreading the story’s conclusion — I hated to leave their world and such a fun, dynamic, lively couple.

    I wish you much success with “Moth and Spark” and hope your writing career includes more wonderful creations.

    Stay Well,
    Allen Murphey

    1. anne

      Thanks so much for the nice post, Allen.

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