Monthly Archive: November 2014

What I Learn About Writing When I Read Stephen King

I started rereading The Stand a couple nights ago – it’s probably the fifth time I’ve read it. The last reread was quite a while ago, maybe even 10 years, so there are a lot of specific details and characters I’ve forgotten, and I’m not bogged down with remembering too well what’s going to happen …

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The Story Behind the Story

I got asked a while ago to write a piece about Moth and Spark for Upcoming4me, a literary magazine that donates all its profits to charities. They do a column called “The Story Behind the Story,” where writers talk about their writing process. I thought that for this one it would be fun to talk …

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Threats and the Law

Laura Mixon’s report on the actions of Requires Hate/ Benjanun Sriduangkaew has given evidence of the widespread harassment and abuse practiced by this person. In the comments, more victims have been speaking out about what happened to them. I personally have had no interactions with any of the RH personas or with BS, but because …

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