The Story Behind the Story

I got asked a while ago to write a piece about Moth and Spark for Upcoming4me, a literary magazine that donates all its profits to charities. They do a column called “The Story Behind the Story,” where writers talk about their writing process. I thought that for this one it would be fun to talk about all the unworkable stuff that got cut over the 5 years of writing Moth and Spark – other characters, different plot lines, changes to setting, and so on. Read all about family members who have since been erased, nefarious plots that didn’t happen, and the other hodgepodge of my imagination! I think this will be especially interesting for people who want to think about writing process and revising in general, not just for people who have read the book.

The piece ran today: http://upcoming4.me. It will also run again at the end of the year in conjunction with the PAPERBACK RELEASE ON DECEMBER 30!!