Monthly Archive: August 2013


My friend Rachel Smith drew an amazing map to go with the book.  Here is the final version:


(This is just a rambling, think-aloud sort of post.)   So I’ve been thinking about the textures of writing.  Textures is my word for it — other people might call it depth or richness.  What I’m talking about is the difference between eating a handful of potato chips and eating a baked potato.  Book A …

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Acts of Valor (When Discretion Won’t Do)

So the problem with having a protagonist who is neither careless nor stupid is that it becomes difficult for him to get trapped into disaster by the villain.  He has to overlook something, but it can’t be obvious, which means it is not obvious to me either.  Also, most of what I’m working on now …

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Galleys are here!

Or, as my son would say, proto-books.  Hard to get a good picture of them because of the high-gloss cover, but here are a few.  It’s very exciting!