Monthly Archive: July 2013

Of Ratings and Romance

Way back in the spring, before I had even finished edits, a lovely user on Goodreads gave Moth and Spark one star.  The Goodreads people told me that sometimes readers used that as a way to mark books they wanted to read.  I griped, and I notice now that they have a “Want to Read” button ( …

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Live Action Shots

Went out with the camera today to get some action pictures of M&S:

Scum and Villainy Part II

So here’s part of the scene that I wound up writing to solve the aforementioned villain problem.  I think it’s more interesting than chopping someone apart with a machete: Making the threat had given him back vitality that had ebbed with the long day.  He took a bite of goat meat.  He traced a pattern …

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Scum and Villainy

Right now I am a little stuck trying to think of villainous acts my villain can do that don’t consist of just killing more people.  That’s not very interesting.  (Or at least I can’t make it so.)  The problem is that he’s a loner type so he doesn’t interact with many people, which means that …

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