Monthly Archive: May 2013

The cover

The cover.  Wow.


Publication Date:  February 20, 2014.  Also, there will be an audio book and I get to help choose the narrator.  I also created an author facebook page and will link to this blog.

American vs. British English

A win for the Anglophiles.  I get to keep “grey” instead of suffering “gray.”  I’ve spelled it that way since I was 9!  Everything else is properly American.


Got the draft layouts today.  With a little tweaking (I removed a border and re-sized the drawing a bit smaller), here is what I think the main title page is going to look like:

It’s coming together

Ooh, got first round of mss from copyeditor, and author pic decided on.  Not the most gorgeous but probably the one that most expresses me (photog credit Judith Love Pietromartire):  

Edgar Awards

And for you mystery/thriller fans, the Edgar award for Best First Novel went to Chris Pavone for The Expats (agented by The Gernert Co.) and the Edgar award for Best Fact Crime went to Midnight in Peking, written by Paul French and edited by my very own editor, Emily Murdock Baker.  I am heady with “award by …

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