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It’s coming together

Ooh, got first round of mss from copyeditor, and author pic decided on.  Not the most gorgeous but probably the one that most expresses me (photog credit Judith Love Pietromartire):  

From the Penguin London Book Fair 2013 list

MOTH AND SPARK: A Novel By Elisabeth Anne Leonard FICTION | Viking | Winter 2014 | World Rights Agent: David Gernert / The Gernert Company An exciting debut novel filled with magic, dragons, and courtly love, Moth and Spark is the story of a prince and the whip-smart commoner he falls for who get caught …

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And we’re off….

Book going to copyeditor today.  Title:  MOTH AND SPARK, a novel.  Author will be ANNE LEONARD instead of the full moniker b/c it’s much shorter and snappier.  I bought the domain name (an optimistic one), but no website going up until much later.  The web name for this blog is now

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