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Conflict Resolution

Dusting off this blog to talk about communication, conflict resolution, and teaching. Pardon the sneezes. My last year of law school I took a settlement and negotiation course one semester and a mediation course the next. This summer I took a 40 hour skills mediation course. I want to share a few really useful concepts …

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“Starship Cooties”

I should have been working on my WIP, but instead I wrote this. It speaks for itself:   STARSHIP COOTIES   We were losing the war with the Bugs, so as soon as I turned sixteen I signed up to fight. The recruiter told me that after three months of boot camp, I’d be in …

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Anthology: Diverse writers writing about writing

I have a new project on the burners – editing an anthology on the experience, process, and craft of writing from a position of diversity or marginalization. The model/inspiration is Janet Sternberg’s The Writer on Her Work, a collection of essays by women writers about their writing. What I’m looking for are essays that talk …

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