Pride & Prejudice review, D&D style

I thought it would be fun to do a D&D type book review rubric. At first I thought of assigning new characteristics (plot, character development, surprise and unpredictability, prose, world-building, and narrative), but then I thought why not just try the D& attributes and see what that looked like. Pride and Prejudice was an obvious choice because of its longevity. Plus I like it.

STR 12

The novel moves along pretty efficiently and carries its themes well, but it doesn’t do anything extraordinary.

DEX 12

The prose is at times quite nimble, but there are other places where it is more stolid. Not a lot of risks are taken stylistically. Scene transitions and point of view shifts are sometimes awkward or nonexistent.

CON 18

Over 200 years and still a favorite. +4 on heal checks. +2d4 hitpoints after each round in which damage was taken.

INT 16

Smart, funny, sharply ironic, and critical, but not-genius level mind-blowing. +2 for detecting falsehoods and illusions and for tricking others.

WIS 10

The themes of the novel are rather commonplace and don’t offer any newly profound observations about life.

CHA 14

The people who love it really love it. But not everybody loves it; some will turn away. +2 against opponents of equal or lower level, +1 against higher-level opponents.