Fantasy Title Generator

Pick two nouns and one adjective based on the initials of your first, middle, and last name. Arrange and modify as works best. Feel free to use synonyms – “blade” or “sword” instead of “knife,” “old” instead of “ancient.”

First Name Middle Name Last Name
A-B Empire Ancient Knife
C-D City Lost Blood
E-F Road Black/Dark Crown
G-H Throne White/Radiant Thorn
I-J Supernatural Monster of Your Choice Hidden Mirror
K-L Spell Cursed Clock
M-N Prince/ss/King/Queen High Bone
O-P Sea Cold Tomb
R-S Wizard Red Wind
T-U Time Grim Lamp
V-W Name Twisted Shadow
Q-X-Y-Z Wanderer Stolen Moon

So, for example, mine would be Road of the Ancient Clock. My husband’s could be Empire of the Cursed Thorn or Thorn of the Cursed Empire.