Monthly Archive: April 2014

In Which I Don’t Talk About the Hugos

In SFF circles, there’s been a lot of public talk about the Hugo Awards. Public talk generally means controversy, name-calling, and unhappiness. My public response to the Hugos was to tweet a picture of Puck as a kitten. ~ I’m not going to talk about the Hugos here either. (Stefan Raets at Far Beyond Reality …

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Blog-Hop on Writing Process!

Today’s post is a blog-hop post, with questions that writers are answering around the web. I was linked in to the process by Patricia Bracewell, who shares both an agency and an editor with me. Patricia is the author of the historical novel Shadow on the Crown, about 11th century English Queen Emma of Normandy. Check …

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Why I Write Fantasy

One of the questions I’ve been getting asked lately is why I write fantasy. I’ve been replying with something that is not exactly a canned answer but does repeat things I’ve said previously. This response has three major parts: 1) That was what I read growing up; fantasy was my first literary love; 2) I …

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