Monthly Archive: November 2013

Girls, Boys, and The Hunger Games

So this past week there have been a lot of “Tell us what [insert category] of books you are thankful for” tweets going around.  I responded to one of the YA ones with the following tweet:  “Today, Suzanne Collins because she has made boys totally interested in a strong girl POV character.”  Then, yesterday, the …

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Epic Fantasy (What and Why), Part 2

The typical epic fantasy includes a fairly hierarchical class structure with a ruling nobility, members of whom often feature prominently in the storyline.  This is pretty much de rigeur.  Heroes might be thieves, or farm boys making good, or struggling artisans, but they get swept up into adventures that include, in one way or another, …

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My attention this morning was caught by a couple of online discussions about what “epic fantasy” is, one on Mythic Scribes and one on Fantasy Faction.  Both got my mind spinning in various ways.  I’ve realized that I have a lot to say on the subject, so this will be more of an introductory post, …

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Thoughts on “Conventionality”

The two mentions of Moth and Spark in review publications thus far (Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal) have both used the word “conventional” to describe the book. This is true so far as the plot and much of the setting, and I have used the word myself. The conventionality exists because the book has …

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First Review!

Well, this is kinda weird because it’s mostly summary and the endorsement, such as it is, is more implied than stated (the impression I get is “fun take on an old story” sort of thing), but hey, it’s Publishers Weekly.  And I’ll take “clean prose” as a compliment any day.