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The Hotel as Metaphor for Cultural Oppression

Last weekend was the SFWA Nebula Awards Weekend, packed with all sorts of interesting stuff. I went to several panels on writing (including one on writing about spies!), was on a panel myself about diversity, sat in on the mass autograph session with Nalo Hopkinson on my left and Linda Nagata on my right, and …

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“Should Writers ….?”

Today’s Grouchy Blog Post is brought to you by the following tweet: In new Bookends, Daniel Mendelsohn and Leslie Jamison on whether critics can also be good novelists: — New York Times Books (@nytimesbooks) May 6, 2014 To which question I shout the lawyer’s answer: IT DEPENDS!! I am getting kind of tired of …

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In Which I Don’t Talk About the Hugos

In SFF circles, there’s been a lot of public talk about the Hugo Awards. Public talk generally means controversy, name-calling, and unhappiness. My public response to the Hugos was to tweet a picture of Puck as a kitten. ~ I’m not going to talk about the Hugos here either. (Stefan Raets at Far Beyond Reality …

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